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Create the Custom Closet of Your Dreams

A custom designed closet from Superior Closet Systems will transform your closet into a clutter-free space. Permanently end your daily ritual of hunting through your closets for a blouse, or pants, or pair of shoes – only to find your clothes wrinkled or one shoe missing.

Closet organization using cabinets, storage shelves, and hanging rods will organize every shirt, suit, or sweater in your custom closet. Corner shelves maximize storage space and provide just the right place for purses, extra pillows, blankets, and other bulky items.

It’s all in the details. Superior Closet Systems closet organizers are custom-built, so we can create a perfect storage system that’s a perfect fit for your space and style. With our huge variety of color and style choices, we can custom design and custom build a closet organizer for a kid’s closet, a teenager’s closet, or a master bedroom closet.

Not sure where to start? Need more ideas?

We can help! Our FREE “5 Tips to DOUBLE Your Closet Space” is full of illustrations that will give you ideas to get started on organizing your closet!

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No matter what kind of closet organizer you need, we can help

Walk-in Closets

A custom walk-in closet can get you off to a great start each day. With everything organized and easy to find, the days of hunting for pieces of clothing is over.

Whether your space is large, or not-so-large, we can make use of every inch of your closet space. And your closet will look great, whether you want a clean modern look or favor a more traditional style. We offer more style and color options than our competitors, and you’re never limited by our pre-determined choices.

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Wardrobe Closets

Don’t have an existing closet space in your room? We can transform any space into a free-standing wardrobe closet.

A well designed custom wardrobe can provide the storage you need, even if none existed before. And with the variety of cabinet styles, colors and finisheswe have available, your final wardroom will blend with any décor and look like a custom piece of furniture.

Reach-in Closets

If you have a reach-in closet, you can still benefit. Even a small space will benefit greatly from a custom-built organizer that makes efficient use of every inch of your closet.

Looking for a different take on a reach-in closet? A built-in closet is a great way to make the most of your existing reach-in closet space. With, and our great selection of style, colors and finishes, it will look great in any room.

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Closet Cabinet Styles and Finishes

Whatever style you prefer…clean and contemporary, traditional or classic…you’re sure to find something you like with Superior Closet Systems. We don’t offer “collections” like many other manufacturers. We give you choices to create your own look without being stuck with standard pre-determined selections.

Choose from our 5 Piece Shaker Door style with a beautiful melamine finishes, or one of many Raised Panel Door styles in a huge variety of color and finish options, to create a closet that will complement almost any décor. You’ll find something that fits your needs and budget. Want something more contemporary? Choose our Flat Panel Door style in choice of woodgrain or solid colors.

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Complete your Closet with the Perfect Accessories

Finish your closet with a wide variety of accessories to customize your space to your needs with roll-out storage baskets, jewelry organizers, belt and tie storage racks, retractable dressing mirror, fold-out ironing board, shoe racks, cubbies, and much more.

Finishing Touches for Your Closet Organizer

No closet design is complete without careful attention to the final details – hardware and trim for the doors and drawers. The details are what often turn a good project into a great one. We want everything about your new custom closet to look great and work great for many years to come.


Handles and pulls add the final touch of decorative flair to your design, and are available in a wide variety of styles and finishes (shown below) to match any décor. All of our high quality hardware and accessories are designed to give you many years of trouble-free use.

Trim and Molding

Custom trim and molding provide the finishing details for your project. Baseboard or crown molding are an attractive way to deal with uneven floors or ceilings. Trim is then finished to match the style of your custom cabinets.

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How Does It Work? Our Closet Makeover Process...

Free Design Consultation

One of our expert designers will come to your home to help assess your space and storage needs. With a good idea of the space you have available and the items you would like to store, your designer will work with you to design a storage system to fit your needs and budget.

Complimentary Design and Quote

Receive a complimentary design and quote. With our 3D design software there is no guessing or trying to visualize what things are going to look like; you will be able to see exactly how your space is going to look. Also included is a detailed quote so you know the exact cost of your design.


Once you decide to proceed with your installation, your project manager will start to coordinate all the materials and put a plan in place to make your installation a smooth and enjoyable experience.

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