Finishes for Doors, Drawers, Panels and Trim

Thermofoil Laminate Finish

Thermofoil is perfect for surfaces that feature custom profiles, like our Shaker Style Doors or our Raised Panel Doors. During the thermofoil process, a layer of thin flexible laminate (thermofoil) is applied to medium-density fiberboard (MDF) and placed in a heated vacuum chamber that causes the thermofoil to fuse to the MDF, creating a smooth easy-to-care-for finish. Themofoil is available in a wide range of woodgrains and solid colors.

Thermofoil Door Finishes Indianapolis IN

Melamine Finish

Melamine is a rigid sheet material that is used on flat surfaces, such as our Shaker 5 Piece Door and Flat Panel Door styles. Melamine is also used on cabinet side panels.

Melamine is available in a wide range of woodgrain and solids colors. Some melamine laminates feature a beautiful textured woodgrain finish that is hard to tell from the real thing.

Melamine Finishes Carmel

Powder Coat Finish

Superior Closet Systems offers nine beautiful powder-coated colors that are great by themselves or used mix-and-match with themofoil or melamine woodgrain finishes. We use a proprietary in-house process to apply a powder mixture of pigment and resin to MDF panels. When heated in an oven the powder gels and flow, fusing to the substrate, resulting in a seamless finish that is attractive and very durable. Powder coating works great on all flat or profiled surfaces.

Powder Coat Finishes Greenwood